zaterdag 26 maart 2011

Apartment search, Holi and the Hash House Harriers

Last Saturday was the first time to get out of Kathmandu and see some of the countryside in the Kathmandu valley. Every Saturday there is an event from a group called The Himalayan Hash House Harriers. This is a group with two purposes: running and walking through the valley of Kathmandu every Saturday, and drinking beer afterwards. This time it was not just a ‘hash run’ but it was also Holi.
Holi is an Indian and Nepali festival were people party, dress up and… throw water and powderpaint at everyone they see. This could be a nice festival but in Kathmandu it is more or less an excuse for groups of men to walk around drunk and try and grope woman. So a great time to get the hell out of Kathmandu and breathe some fresh air! When me and the other new volunteers arrived in the small village where we would start our walk we were attacked by a bunch of children and after that by the other hash runners. Wet and with paint in our necks and faces we met the hash group. This consisted of people from the UN, some famous guy who is actually the designer of SesameStreet/the Muppets , VSO volunteers, Danish embassy guys, German telephone company workers and so on and so on. About thirty people from 18 till 60 years of age from all different countries and backgrounds. The walk started along ridges and paths with great views of the valley. After 1,5 hours we where back and beer and snacks where ready. And then a circle was formed and we had to stand in the middle, down a beer, sing a song and we were proud new members of the Hash group!
Back in Kathmandu it was time to sort out apartment stuff. But where to start? On the internet I found some houses and contacted the agents. Next day we met up with a guy who would show us nice apartments in the area of our choice. The first one was good: 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, quiet area but too expensive. The second one was… in the same house as a big Nepali family, so far goes privacy. The third one was big but dark and on the ground floor, everybody seemed to park their motorcycle right in front of the entrance door. So… some days after I saw some more apartment but still not the best. I have about three agents searching for me know. I am pretty sure I will find something in the next couple of weeks!

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  1. I've seen amazing pictures of Holi, sounds like an extrordinary experience.
    Greetz Gabrielle