maandag 7 maart 2011

How it all began...

In January 2011 I made my decision. A month before that I found an offer in my mailbox. It said: 'job description possible placement Nepal'. I knew that VSO is not the organisation that would offer simple placements like 'become an english teacher at a primary school'. But the offer I opened that day exceeded all expectations. The placement brought together the skills of connecting different stakeholders and creating structures and small changes within an organisation. It asked for the skills that I had developed during my career. And all this within the Nepalese Ministry of Education, a government office that works together with NGO's, schools and companies in and outside of Nepal.

In Nepal children cannot choose how they want to be educated or what kind of education they want to receive. In Nepal they (or 'we' ) are working on the possibility for children to go to school; that there are enough teachers and that there is a good quality of education.

So we all know I said 'yes' to this new adventure. I will leave March 9 to Kathmandu. On March 11 I will start my in-country training for two months. I will learn the language, learn about the culture and stay with a host family for a week. After those two months I will start as Program and Documentation Officer at the Ministry of Education. I will keep you posted on my experiences!

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