woensdag 16 maart 2011

Language and Loadshedding

Namaste! Besides this greeting my first words in Nepali are: ‘Malai panni jaanus’. They mean: ‘Me water give’. So instead of ‘panni’ I can also say: Malai beer jaanus, Malai taxi jaanus, Malai yoghurt jaanus. Just learn the word of what you need and you can start asking people! So Nepali seems an easy language
J. My first language lessons started this monday and I must say that they are actually fun! Our two trainers work with different tools including repeating, dialogue and having a good time! We also discuss cultural facts like how to dress or how man and woman behave different in Nepali culture. And the homework can be as follows: ask two people in Nepali their name and where they are from; and learn how to count till five. It is amazing to see how happy people are to talk with me in Nepali, even if its just stupid simple talk J. The local shop where I buy my coffee will now also be my homework dialogue place J

I think I found out how the system works so I will try to explain it.
Loadshedding: The system where, in different areas of the city and all over Nepal, power is regularly cut off. There is just not enough power to keep the country running day and night so they spread it out. This indicates that we only have power at certain times a day. We can get to know these times by looking at the ‘load shedding schedule’. This schedule hangs in the lobby of my guesthouse and the times are different every day!! So… every day you have to look at the schedule and sort out what is the best time to do what. The schedule of today was: electricity from 9 till 1 and from 4 till 8. So eight hours a day. If there is no electricity you only have one led-bright emergency light in your room, cold showers, no telephone network and no internet. This situation can shortly be described as: no fun! Unless… you find your way around it. If there is no electricity you can walk to the Thamel district where you have internet 24 hours a day; you can drink beers with friends around a candle; you can do your yoga exercises or read a book by led light. It’s all about the planning!

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  1. unbelievable! Hoe doen bedrijven dat dan? hoe kan je een bedrijf runnen zonder computer of machines enzo die aan staan de hele tijd?