zondag 13 maart 2011

My first days in Kathmandu: A party, welcome dinner, guided tour and jetlag...

Here I am, sitting in a chill out internet/restaurant/lounge in the middle of Thamel, the backpackers area of Kathmandu. I will give a short account of my adventures till this far, and promise next time my writing will be more exciting ;)

My flight was quite relaxed as well as I had four seats for myself :) At Kathmandu everything went pretty fast, got my bags and there a Nepali guy from VSO was waiting for me with a car. Through the airport crowds and we drove straight into the streets of Kathmandu. Busy, but I immediately saw Kathmandu is smaller and nicer than for example Manila. Upon arrival at the guesthouse Jimi Oostrum was there, my future colleague + the ultimate volunteer guide of Kathmandu. Instead of a quiet night I was asked if me and the other two new VSO volunteers (David and Simone) wanted to join a dinner of a VSO birthday girl. Of course! A great opportunity to meet the other volunteers. There were about 15 of us and we had a great time. Including Dahl Baat(rice with sauce), Everest Beer and dancing in a closed lounge bar till late. And late in Nepal means till about 12 o clock at night ;) All the bars here are supposed to close every night at eleven!

Next day volunteer John invited me, Simone and David to walk around Kathmandu. He showed us the supermarket, good places to buy bread, eat lunch and buy clothes. Of course we actually had some coffee and a good lunch as well. The touristy center is called Thamel and is full with beer gardens, restaurant and shops. And the restaurants have great food like middle eastern hummus, pad thai and even cheese platters! At five we left for our welcome dinner at the VSO office. Saturday was a day with no plans and of course the day the jetlag finally hit me… Couldn’t sleep at night and couldn’t get out of bed during the day. Bit of a headache and not hungry. All I did that day was getting lost around Thamel and try out skype with Koen. Felt better in the evening, so I think I just needed a bit of rest.

Today is Sunday and I decided to write this blog and see if I can get my photo’s online. VSO arranged us a tour guide today and we went by car to see the Monkey Temple, another big Stupa and a Buddhist Temple. It was beautiful! The sun was shining, the temples were nice and quiet, and the monkeys adorable J

So altogether these first couple of days were even better than I expected really. With a great group of VSO volunteers, Kathmandu being a busy, but friendly city and a relaxed start of my stay. But… to stop all the fun, the In-Country Training starts tomorrow! And that will be 6 weeks of language training and workshops. We’ll see how that goes!

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  1. Wat fijn dat ik hier al je verhalen kan lezen :)
    En goed dat het je gelukt is de foto's erop te zetten!

  2. Sounds like a good start to me! But what is a Stupa?
    Greets Gabrielle