zondag 17 april 2011

Banepa, Daal Bhat and the Farmer’s market.

After one week in Banepa I’m happy to be back in Kathmandu! It does start to feel like home…  Especially because my house has a western style toilet and a hot water shower. And not a generator next door to your bedroom. Yes we had a rough time in Banepa. My fellow new volunteers and me where together in one room with one smelly Nepali toilet. But besides all that it is great to see another side of Nepal, besides the main city of Kathmandu and the tourist town of Nagarkot. Banepa is a town where Nepali people live, where every tourist is a specialty and where you can walk from the pension straight  into the fields. At sunset you see white birds nestling in the trees and the kitebirds surfing in the warm air far up in the sky. The language course was continuing according to plan and every afternoon we would venture into the town, see a temple, have a beer or walk through the rice fields. And twice a day we would eat Daal Bhat….

Daal Bhat. Daal = lentils and Bhat = Rice. Daal Bhat is rice with some kind of lentil soup/sauce. I liked it at first. Then I had neutral thoughts about it and now I hate it. Or at least my body hates it. After a few bites I just don’t feel like eating anymore and my bites go slower and slower, until I feel like I either have to stop eating or throw up. I cannot help it! So… at the trainingcenter in Banepa there was Daal Bhat twice a day. Nepali people don’t feel like they’ve had a proper meal without eating Daal Bhat. So Daal Bhat is everywhere. Luckily I have my own kitchen and some nice restaurants around!
A very nice place to go on Saturdays is the Farmers market. This is a small market were people sell western style oriented food. For example: cheese! French pate! Cheesecake! French bread and good fresh cups of filtered coffee. As you might understand: every Saturday the whole expat community of Kathmandu North is present at the Farmers market to either buy or sell food. In the middle there are a bunch of tables in the shade where you can picnic with all the fresh stuff you just bought. An ideal place to meet up with friends for brunch and start the weekend.
So now its only 1,5 week to go before I start working, I don't feel like I am ready for it yet, but will i ever be? I just have to go out there and do it!

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  1. That sounds like a great way to meet a lot of people and get some good food. Too bad about the Daal Bhat though, sounds like you'll be getting a lot of it. (Sorry about my lame late responses, i have one exam to go and then i hope to get my life back) (which is no excuse, i know)