zondag 1 mei 2011

Rafting, partying and… working!

Finally I have started working. But not before I had some serious action and partying! I left Kathmandu for a two day rafting trip on the Trisuli river. Of course nothing in Nepal would go how you have it in mind and you have to be ready for all kinds of surprises. My surprise was that I was the only one in the tour bus who was going on the rafting trip. Was I going to be the only one in the raft? Of course not! 40 Chinese people had arranged their own transport and arrived an hour after me. Chinese seem pretty much the same in every country: they all have camera’s, don’t listen to instructions and they talk Chinese… J There I was going down the river with 40 Chinese going crazy with camera’s, splashing each other and screaming at every rapid. And many would fall out of the rafts of course! At the end of the last day me and an old Danish guy were left behind in a village on the riverbed. It was either doing the same trip tomorrow with a new Chinese group (?!!?) or going further along the quiet part of the river. Of course we choose the last. As it was only us two and the guide the guide decided to bring along the rest of his family for the next day. So in the morning our new raft crew showed up: about six children between the age of 4 and 12 years old! And of course these children scream louder than the Chinese. So we were going down the river with Nepalese children songs on the background and beautiful warm and sunny views. And every once in a while I would let myself drop in the water for a swim, pulling along two Nepali children.

Now a bit more about my new friends in Nepal… Having new friends means you have to find reasons to meet up with each other. The main reasons we have made up are: housewarmings, start the new job soon party, just started our new job party, birthday party, goodbye party for David, a few networking events and I don’t know what else we have been making up just for the sake of meeting up and having fun. And drinking a couple of beers of course... I haven’t been partying this much for a long time! This weekend has been busy especially, starting with going to the bar/restaurant 1905. There was a nice ska band playing. As always when going out here you meet a lot of new people with interesting stories. And the more alcohol gets involved the more interesting it gets… until at eleven o clock all the lights go on, no more alcohol gets sold and  you kind off stick around talking till the police comes and everybody has to leave in like 10 seconds. This is called a curfew that the police keeps intact for getting bribes from the bar who want to stay open longer.
Interesting people and stories…this night we met the trumpet player of the band UB40, a guy named Steve (the hippy) and a drunk guy we called Outback John. After accidentally stealing UB40’s beer, we decided to head off to Johns place for some after drinks (Steve the hippy ended up joining us). At three o clock nobody was leaving anymore and we all crashed. Getting up at seven in the morning walking home to my house hovering somewhere between a hangover and being tipsy is actually quite nice J At ten o clock we all met at my house again for a big english breakfast and Steve the hippy ended up being a great cook!
And then it was queensday. We all got dressed in orange and left for the Summit Hotel where people sold their crap and we would all have free drinks and cheese and haring. I taught my new friends ‘leve de koningin’ and ‘Hieperdepiep Hoera’. It was a bit boring at first but then the free drinks came out, we started singing the National anthem and Guus Meeuwis music was on speakers. It was so cheesy it was fun again! Since yesterday there are five more people who fell drunk and in love with the Queen and don’t even know her.
And then the new job. I survived the first two days and I have so many impressions it will need a whole new blog post! So I will write a full blog about it next week!

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  1. Leuke kindjes, neem je er één mee??

  2. Haha, just like lemmings down the waterfall. And it's great you get to learn them about Holland too!
    Greets Gabrielle