donderdag 21 juli 2011

Hanging out with friends, ministry uniforms and the ‘normal’ expat life!

Life goes on... and this blog too after Koen has left! And in English for all my foreign friends 

After Koen left luckily my friends stepped in to feed me wine and food for the next three days, finishing off with a Tapas/Sangria dinner at the rooftop of the Radisson hotel, they even had beef! Saturday I went to the hash and discovered it is important to eat food and drink enough before running up a mountain and back... and have to down a beer at the finish  Check this movie to see me and the others climbing up the mountain! (I’m wearing a red shirt, grey pants)

Therefore Sunday was a relax day for me, Katie and Robert, hanging round at the Sterling Club. This club is a bar with garden that belongs to the British Embassy. They have monthly quiz nights (no good for me and Koen!), bingo’s, weekly bbq’s and so on. But today it was just eating a salad, enjoying the weather and talking about nothing in particular .

Monday back to work, what was supposed to become one of the worst days in my life. The day from which everybody had to start wearing uniforms at the ministry! And these uniforms are not just uniforms. They can either be purple and sky blue pyjama dresses called Kurta Surwal or a suit that looks like you are a member of the local police force. The government decided for some reason that all civil civilians working for government institutions need to wear this! This crazy decision will make sure 60.000 people will receive 70 euros a year for being able to buy and wear these uniforms. In the mean time the government can still not provide school uniforms for all the children or proper housing facilities for schools... Talking about a waste of money! Anyway as a government worker I will have to join in with this circus. Luckily my dress is not completely finished yet, but I am afraid from this Monday I need to start wearing this. All the other volunteers are laughing at me and giving me advise like ‘if you need to cry go to the toilet’ or ‘at least the traffic can see you well with those bright colours when you cross the street’. Thank you guys!

Last but not least my plans for the next month. I started an Open University Course on Public Policy and Management and will try and take Nepali language classes again. I will keep up with my running lessons and continue having fun with my friends. Not that exiting huh?! But I’m still really enjoying myself here! And then I will have guests coming! First Daniel with two friends end of august. And Vincent Siegerink, an old friend of UWC. And then I will come back to Holland and Greece for three weeks!

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  1. Waar blijft de foto van je mooie jurk?