woensdag 2 november 2011

Back, Bandipur and Bicycle trip.

It’s been quite a while but here I am back in Nepal now already for a week or three. Coming back into Nepal was strange at first, I had to realize again that I was back and Nepal is my home, not Holland. But soon enough I found myself in a living room concert meeting all my friends thinking: “It’s good to be back!”.

After that I found myself a new challenge: Zumba dancing! At six in the evening it starts to get dark now, so no more running after work. And I am ashamed to say that after eight months in Nepal I still do not have a morning rhythm. Were Nepali’s get up at five (!!) in the morning and start doing chores, shopping, cleaning etc. I am still lying in bed till like eight o clock. Lazy me. But I just cannot get up and do active things that early. I’m an evening person while Nepali persons go to bed at nine! So now I take Zumba classes after work.

I brought a backpack full of Dutch items to Nepal: a Poffertjespan, zuurkool, unox sausages, a stamper and a garde and.... lots of cheese! Now all my friends here were finally able to taste some dutch cuisine during the Dutch night me and Michel organised. The poffertjes were a big success! I might start my own poffertjes business here in Nepal after my VSO placement...

Me stamping all the dutch stamppotten. Hmmmm!

Cecile and Antoine enjoying hutspot during the dutch night.

In the mean time another adventure trip was planned: to Bandipur, a village four hours from Kathmandu, on the top of a ridge. Beautiful views of the Himalayas and great nature walks. Me, Michele, Tomas, Cecile and Jorieke decided to go! After a three hour walk up the hill we arrived at the village. A woman took us to a hostel outside of the village. We arrived at the hostel discovering the whole management and family was leaving for a family holiday festival in Kathmandu. But no worries. “Here is the key to the rooms and kitchen. Take good care of our hostel and see you in three days!”. Okay... why not? Next thing we knew they left and we were alone on one of the most beautiful places in Nepal: a hostel perched on the end of a hill with views into the valley with the Himalayas in the back. Needless to say we had an amazing time!
View from the hostel

Relaxing on the terrace of Bandipur main street

Me on a Nepali swing made from bamboo poles

And now just one more Nepal holiday! One day of free time to be filled with... mountain biking! I was able to hop along with a day biking tour organised for a Dutch guy from Almere. He paid for the guide and we just had to tag along with a rented bicycle. And off we went: with a crazy guide who soon discovered we were up for a good ride. Every time his question: “easy or hard way?” was answered by a loud “Hard!”. And off we went along small ridges, steep descends and steep uphill roads, through rivers and villages. That was some heavy cycling but totally worth it!

Ton from Almere, Deep and me

Group picture

Back in Kathmandu a new challenge awaits: things are going too slow at the ministry and frustration is rising. How to discuss this with my counterpart? He seems to be more busy with his own position and promotion than with the projects that present itself. Dilemma’s that need to be resolved, but slowly and carefully, as the word ‘conflict’ does not exist in the Nepali vocabulary... Important to see it as a challenge and part of the work here. If things would go easy and smooth I would not be needed here! I will keep you updated.