donderdag 5 januari 2012

Himalinda Animal Cop rescues a holy garbage cow!

Yesterday it was the second day I saw this cow grazing in the compound next to mine. He was limping and had some plastic peace of garbarge around his leg. I tried to get closer to try and take it off, but the cow shied away. I decided to call the KAT Center, where animals are kept and treated. Unfortunately only for cats and dogs... However they did give me the phone number of the Devoted Radical Environment Animal Movement Society (DREAMS). Toby picked up the phone and to my amazement in 30 minutes I was picking up one veterinary doctor and one representative of DREAMS at the Shang Ri La hotel around the corner.

The poor calf was limping and could not take off this round peace of plastic

Luckily the cow was still there, but the cow was shy and kept backing away. After about half an hour of chasing about we were about to give up... untill the three of us closed in and I remembered my cowgirl skills from 9 years ago in Australia. I took the cow on his horns, twisted his neck and he was on the ground! The two Nepali guys did not believe what they saw! After that things went rather quickly: we took off the plastic, the vet gave a vaccin and desinfected the leg and the cow was off again, free from pain, ready for a happy holy life of garbage eating in the streets of Kahmandu!

A normal sight in Kathmandu streets: cows eating from the garbage, no wonder they don't eat them here...

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  1. Wahaha, you scared the hell out of that cow!
    Greets, Gabrielle