maandag 13 februari 2012

Two guests...

Last weekend I received two guests.

One is Ziggy, just staying for the weekend and staying another ten days at the end of this month. Ziggy is a 4 month old puppy who is now living with my friend John. At the dog asylum there was a virus which was deadly for puppies and therefore John took him in. Unfortunately John is leaving soon and therefore any adoption suggestions are welcome! Ziggy is a sweet crazy busy running around playing all the time kinda puppy. He is totally quiet and cute when he sits on your lap or when he is carried around Kathmandu in a daypack.

My second guest is Robbert. Robbert is an old friend of mine and just arrived from Holland. He is going to work on an education documentary for VSO Nepal. His first days have been interesting, carrying around a puppy through the tourist parts of Kathmandu. He is a bit bigger than Ziggy and luckily Robbert does not sit on my lap :)

Robbert and Nepali doors do not match...

Ziggy does not have to climb the stairs of the monkeytemple himself, how convenient!

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