woensdag 25 april 2012

Annapurna Adventures Part I

And then finally the long expected blog: part 1 about the adventure of a life time.
Until about one month ago I thought trekking was boring. I even told people I might as well prefer a slideshow at home... Of course I knew that I had to do it, just to experience what it really is all about.

And then I booked it: A real 14 day trek in Nepal, across the highest pass in the world that you can trek along without doing actual mountaineering. One of the best trekkings in the world...

I headed out with my remarkable, funny and adventurous flatmate Robbert Sas. Not only did he have lots of experience with boyscout treks, he was also very able to carry his own backpack. This left me with no other option than to hand my backpack over to our one-and-only guide-and-porter: Gyalgy!
The first days trekking were a bit rainy and good to get the hang of trekking and being in the mountains. And of course getting used to Robbert's smelly shoes after a day of trekking. Luckily we found beer in the hostels for reasonable prices and found out we actually like each others company!
Some highlights of the first days, in random order
The hostel manager killed the spider in our room with bare hands (*squash*)

  Seeing motorbikes being dragged up the mountain (where to?)

Height differences between my two comrades

 Seeing Robbert darting after his tenth (!) butterfly of the day for a picture.

Walking behind a chicken porter, there goes our dinner!

 Washing our feet in a tiny hot spring after a day of trekking

Learning to shoot with bow and arrow

Seeing a helicopter land for the first altitude sick tourist on the route (more to come).

And no pics but just as wonderful:
·        Talking about the hostel owners love-marriage with his 12 year older wife around their cosy fireplace kitchen.
·         Wondering if its dynamite or thunderstorms before and behind you, due to road widening and bad weather.

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  1. Awesome blog, Linda!! Did you have our map to remind you of things?