dinsdag 4 september 2012

1,5 year in Kathmandu… Part I: An ode to friendship

As most of you know I will be leaving soon. Time to reflect on my last 1,5 years in Kathmandu.

Friends come and go here in Kathmandu, but I’ve learned that with many people you meet you have a lot in common: a sense of adventure and an ambition to, besides all the partying and fun, make sure you leave something behind and create something meaningful in terms of developing this beautiful country.

I would like to start out with the first group of friends I have met and the first group that I have shared my astonishment and amazement about Kathmandu crazy life in general. Pretty much all of them have left but I would like to call this group: The pointless fish gang (to the band that John was in and that never fully came in to being) ref to https://stepsinnepal.wordpress.com/2012/04/17/the-dude-replies/

In generally days with this gang would go from hanging around in the Sterling Club and eating cheesecakes in Imago Dei, discussing our daily lives and work to the fullest. And then into the nightlife of Kathmandu in Jazz Upstairs, Blue Note, DelaSoul, changing locations after being pushed out by the army at eleven. Then go to either mine or Johns house, finally ending after a four hour night with "Linda’s spectacular english breakfast". Canada day, the famous Queensday, the band Naya Faya in 1905, Jazz Upstairs, Separate Choice, the Old School party or the Blue Note party. These days and nights are best described and remembered by John Callaways song 'Kathmandu'.

Thanks Katie, Robbert, John, Tiffany, Simone, Edoye, Luca, Liffy, Alec and everybody else involved during my first half year in Kathmandu!

Listen to John's song here:
Pointless Fish Redux

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  1. :D

    No, thank you, Linda! For opening up the way you have! For being involved and caring and for being up for anything, at any time!