zondag 9 september 2012

1,5 year in Kathmandu… Part II: The sports

During my time here I have become acquainted with a phenomenon called the Hash House Harriers. A crazy bunch of drinkers with a running problem. Every Saturday we would meet up and run! The first time running I thought I never did anything that tough, climbing up the mountain and running back down! It is great how Antoine would always cheer me on and we would keep each other going! The reward of a cold beer combined with the fun of Jimi's circle is the best thing ever!

Some weekends I would go trekking, for example with Marie and Deep trekking the Helambu trail, where I fell in love with the mountain views, the little tea houses on the way and learned that trekking is beautiful!

Or I would do a couple of days of mountainbiking with Robbert, Ziggy the puppy, Simone and Ben. Thinking we could do about 60 km a day, not taking in mind the mountains along the way...

During the week I would visit Edoyes amazing energetic Zumba class, finishing with a cup of coffee in the Roadhouse Cafe.

Never before had I thought that coming to Nepal would make me love to do running, trekking and would make me take zumba classes. Thank you Deep, Marie, Antoine, Jimi, Ben, Simone, Edoye and Robbert for broadening my sports horizon and of course your fun and friendship!

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